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Where Do I Want To Travel Post-Lockdown

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining me and I hope you’ve had a great week! Recently, I’ve been having the wanderlust bug again! I’ve texted my other half about 50 different destinations I want to travel to or go back and visit. So, I’ve had to narrow it down to my top three places I would love to book and visit once we are post-lockdown and hopefully visit before the end of 2021. So, let get into it!

1. Italy

Italy has my whole heart! I’ve never been but dreamed of visiting a thousand times! I even learnt some Italian during my second year of University!

I’ve even planned my perfect first travel route for my first time visiting. I would fly into Verona which is a must-see as a Drama Graduate and having studied Renaissance Plays as one of my final year modules! It is the scene of Romeo and Juliet and I would probably burst out crying if I got to stand on the balcony and write a letter in the wall. Also, if you haven’t seen the film Letters to Juliet please do! It honestly melts my heart.

Next, I would make my way to Venice! I would love to visit a local vineyard and then take a trip on a Gondola with a cheeky glass of red wine and hopefully, the Gondolier will be singing behind me. That would just be a dream come true!

Next onto Rome, during this time I would be landmark hunting and learning more about all the Roman Gods and obviously visit the Colosseum! While also making the most of the most amazing Italian food Rome has to offer!

2. India

Now, we’re doing a complete 180! Again organised Kelsey has done another route to her journey!

I would love to start in New Delhi! I would love to visit the Lotus Temple! Such a beautiful building made completely of marble and as the name suggests it resembles a Lotus Flower! I would also love to visit Humayun’s Tomb! This tomb was built in the sixteenth century for the Mughal Emperor Humayun and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From there I would work my way south to the city of Agra, the home of the world-famous Taj Mahal! It has honestly been a dream to go see it and I’m determined to visit! My next visit would be Agra Fort, the fort was built as a military structure by Emperor Akbar but later his grandson Emperor Shah Jahan turned it into a palace which then later turned into his ornate prison.

My last stop would then take me further south to Mumbai! Here, is where I want to experience the markets, food, and wholeheartedly delve into the wonderful culture India has to offer!

3. Ireland

To think I only live in North Wales, Ireland is only a stone throw away! But, I’ve never been! Visiting Ireland has a personal reason behind it as my family on my Dad’s side is from Ireland, but more specifically from County Clare.

So, my plan would be to dock in Dublin and spend a few days there. I would love to visit the Guinness Factory and the Old Jameson Distillery and it would have to essential to visit The Temple Bar! I would also love to visit St Patricks Cathedral, the Abandoned Prison of Kilmainham Gaoland and then onto Dublin Castle before heading onto our next stop.

Then we’d go onward to County Clare and visit my ancestry castle, O’Dea castle in Corofin! It is honestly a dream to go see it! It was owned by the O’Dea clan which was built between 1470 and 1490. In the 1980s a gentleman named John O’Day purchased the castle to restore it! But, I’m looking forward to exploring this wonderful county on the border of the Atlantic and see if I can trace more of my roots!

Bonus: Amsterdam

I would love to return to Amsterdam! This city stole my heart, from the adorable little cafes looking over the canals, to the beautiful architecture! We spent 5 days and there was still so much more to see! Therefore, Amsterdam I’m coming back for you!

There are still so many more places I’d love to visit. As I said I have named 50 places I’d love to visit such as San Fransisco, Japan, Australia, Canada, Poland. I actually think I just want to see the world.

Let me know in the comments where you would love to travel post-lockdown

As Always

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