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What I’ve Learned From Entering My 20s

Dear Friends,

After reaching my 20s, I look back on my awkward teenage years and remember all the lessons learned. Every year I believe we all learn something new but a decade can change everything.


  1. Everything you see on social media isn’t true.

    I know this first hand as a blogger, what you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram isn’t always 100% true. I’m sure the majority of us have had a really bad day scrolled through Instagram and seen someone looking so put together and you end up feeling terrible? Am I right? But, what I always tell myself is, I’m comparing my blooper reel to their highlight reel. Just remember, social media can be deceiving, so don’t take it too seriously or personally.

  2. Not Everyone Will Stay

    I’ve had people walk in and out of my life so many times. Some hurt, others didn’t. Some have come back into my life and left again or stayed for the better. Obviously the ones you will remember are the ones that hurt the most once they left. From my experience, all I can say is things got better once they left. They were either toxic or weren’t contributing to my life. Trust me, it’s for the best.

  3. Be Comfortable Alone.

    I have this one quote which I love ‘If you don’t enjoy your own company, how do you expect others’. I don’t imply going and have a conversation with yourself (bit strange but I do mumble to myself at times). But enjoy your own company, know your hobbies, don’t be afraid to have a full day alone by yourself doing things you love. Enjoy some alone time, read, paint, play music, sing karaoke on YouTube, do what you love. It is so important! Recently, I’ve been trying to expand my knowledge, I’m learning psychology in order to learn more about myself, politics to understand more about our government, and trying to learn Italian in order to become Multilingual. (It is harder than it seems).


  4. Having a Bad Attitude And Being Negative Gets You Nowhere.

    I learned this only a year or so ago and is something I still slightly struggle with. It’s mostly common sense, nobody wants to be around someone with a bad attitude and negative feelings, they aren’t the best company. So, I always remind myself to be kind (but obviously don’t be a pushover). Also, if I ever feel hurt or upset, I identify the problem, let myself control the emotion, think of it rationally, if it’s something I can change, I will. If it’s out of my control I will find the simplest solution to no longer let it create a negative impact. If it’s a person… Well, they get the door. Negative feelings and a bad attitude are just a waste of time, you should be enjoying every moment.

  5. Follow Your Gut and Your Passion

    You do you! If something doesn’t feel right then 99.9% of the time it isn’t. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by anything, give yourself purpose and a reason to keep fighting and keep going! Listen to your gut and your passion and you will get far.

Let me know in the comments what you all have learned from this rollercoaster we call life!

As Always

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