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Top 3 Best Life Organization Tips For Beginners

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had a great week. I can’t believe we are coming to the end of June! With everything going on in the world this year is really just flying by! At the moment I’m planning everything ready for my transition into July (which is also my birthday month, all my fellow Cancers drop me a ‘Hey!’).

So while planning my month I was thinking of how far I’ve come when it comes to organizing my life. It all started at University but all took off after graduation. But, I never really had a guide on how to become an organized adult! So, I thought I’d create a guide for all my fellow young adults. Let’s get into it.

Write Everything Down

This is a simple but a godsend tip! How many times have you said ‘No, it’s ok I’ll remember it’ then a few hours or days later it’s popped out of your head? It happened to me a lot. Now, I make sure to always keep a small notebook or since we are in the age of technology I use my notes app on my phone. My routine usually is:

A notebook is for creative ideas such as book plotlines, song lyrics, blog post ideas, anytime inspiration hits me I make sure to write it down in my little gold book.

Then the notes app on my phone is my biggest saviour. Each morning I write the days date as the header and anytime I need to remember something such as I need to defrost the chicken tonight for dinner tomorrow or remember to email Mrs Jones tomorrow. It all gets written in my notes app. Then during my wind downtime and planning tomorrows to-do. I place the notes into my to-do lists in my bullet journal. By also doing it in the evenings to also helps to remind me of things I need to prep. Such as taking the chicken out for dinner tomorrow. Or maybe I made a note I need to be out the door for 8am tomorrow so I’ll lay my clothes out ready the night before to help myself along.

Make Sure Everything Has A Home

We’ve all had that chair (or in my case that piano stool) which you pile all your clothes. Shoes all over the floor, random bits scattered all over the floor and on the worktops. One of the best things I’ve done is take a day out to give everything a home. So I make sure to keep my clothes and not let them pile up on the stool. I bought a little basket to keep all my shoes, I created space in my drawers to place all the bits and bobs on the floor.

This also comes with keeping things once you’re finished with them in their designated place. Honestly, this is a life-changer. So, if you give everything a home and keep everything once you’re done with it.

Back Up And Unsubscribe

Are your phone and laptop constantly reminding you your storage is full? Mine did and I could never take any more photos or videos in the end. So, instead of forking out on a £50 hard drive, I got myself a few USB sticks and transferred my photographs and videos I wanted to keep. It freed up so much storage on my devices and I also got to keep all my memories.

Another tip I have for you is to unsubscribe from email subscriptions you aren’t interested in anymore. Every time you get an email from a company you don’t want promotional emails from just unsubscribe. It also frees up your inbox and fewer notifications it’s a win-win.

Let me know in the comments which of these beginner tips and hacks you’re going to be trying out.

I have such an eye-opening post for you coming on Wednesday all about self-sabotage. So, make sure to stick around to check it out.

As Always

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