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The Benefits of Gardening

Dear Friends,

This post cannot come at a better time! With only 6 days to go until the New Moon enters Taurus, this is a perfect time to embrace this earthly sign. With the new season upon us and summer around the corner it inspired me to start working on my garden as it’s not only great for the earth and to look at. It also has some great benefits for yourself.

The Benefits:

It can help your self-esteem!

The pride I feel when I see my plants grow and think to myself ‘I nurtured it’. It makes you feel more grounded and more connected with the earth. When I plant I always get excited to see how those little seeds or buds will grow. Once those flowers open or the fruits begin to show you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

Gardening brightens your mood!

How do you feel after you’ve spent time creating something? Pretty proud I can imagine. From a recent study found the M.vaccae bacteria that live in the soil can raise your spirits. It increases serotonin and helps to reduce anxiety. This can be found by gardening or walking in nature.

Health Benefits!

It is said that ten minutes of gardening which will leave you a bit out of breath can help with your heart health! So, during this time instead of going to the gym, maybe try some gardening for an hour. It definitely helps different muscle groups as you go along. Also, if you are like me in the winter and get a tendency to become a bit of a hermit in the colder months. It helps you to get out and soak that little of bit of Vitamin D the British Weather gives you. Or in the summer, all the Vitamin D you need. (Just promise me you will wear suncream in the summer).

What I’m Planting and Why?

Currently, I’ve just started planting four different plants (which I have named) and I am completely over-joyed by! I have chosen:

A Verbena Plant (Named Vinnie)

Verbenas are such beautiful plants and they come in such a variety of colours, red, pink, purple, blue, and white. I’ve chosen some purple to compliment my other flowers. This flower blooms through May- October and is a great hardy plant, easy to care for, and looks great in beds, pots, or hanging baskets! It is also a great pollinator therefore fantastic for wildlife such as bees and some butterflies!

Camellia Shrub (Named Candice)

A Camellia is such a beautiful and glossy evergreen which comes in both Pink and Red shades! At the moment mine is only a small little plant but will turn into a fully flourished shrub! Some flower in late autumn all the way through to spring. Camellia’s are known as the Queen of winter flowers! Therefore, it’s a great shrub to keep a bit of colour in your garden during the colder months. They also grow great in containers!

Wild Flowers (Kept as Wildflowers as they are ‘The Band’)

Planting wildflowers are a great and easy way to bring colour into any garden. You can get packets of seed from any gardening store or DIY stores and you can grow them from seeds in a matter of months. Usually, in a packet of seeds, you can get so many different varieties of wildflowers such as Ox-Eyes Daisies, Bellflowers, Viper’s Bugloss, Primrose, just to name a few! And they are all so beautiful and amazing for wildlife!

Raspberry Bush (Named Raymond)

I originally wanted a raspberry plant because I wanted to make Homemade Raspberry Lemonade! Who doesn’t want to be being able to say I grew these berries from the soil! That will be such a proud moment. They are easy to care for and love sun time! I am checking it daily to see if any little raspberries have decided to come and say hi.

Best Type Of Plants For Beginners

Below I have three types of plants which are great for anyone who wishes to get stuck in the soil. I remember when I first started I did not know which plants were easy to care for or needed a bit more love and care. So, below I have the best plants for you to get started with.


These are such beautiful flowers with such easy care! They have shades of yellow, red and gold! They grow from seeds fairly quickly and bloom from late spring until the first frost and take about 8 weeks to bloom. They love a full sun exposure and best to water from the base of the plant instead of overhead as they can rot it excess moisture,

Sweet Peas

These are one of my favourite flowers! They come in shades of blue, pink, purple, red, and white! They bloom from spring through to the early summer in hot climates, and into fall in cooler areas. A great all-round flower! The same as Marigolds they love a lot of sun and water from the base!


These are great for pots, beds and hanging baskets (I currently have some I’ve sown in hanging baskets, just excited to see them flower!) They come in such a variety of colours. I love to pick a mixture as I love a colourful garden! Pansies are great for attracting butterflies! They do like to be well watered and aren’t fussy as they will bloom in partly shaded areas and full sun!

As you can tell I absolutely love gardening and the connection to nature! Let me know in the comments what your favourite plants are or pictures of your garden! I would love to see!

As Always,

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