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Self-Love In A Relationship

‘You must love yourself before others can.”

As a child, I thought it was such a simple concept, growing up I realised self-love was a different story.

With the pressures of society and popularity a major aspect of my teen years it became harder to achieve self-love. As relationships came and went I realised no matter how hard I worked on all my relationships something was missing. That was:

Relationships come and go but you have yourself for the rest of your life. This post comes as an extension to my self-care when working 9-5 post as part of my self-love, self-care series.

So, entering a new relationship is always fun and exciting, be it a romantic relationship, friendship, or any other form of relationship. But, it is important to keep practising self-love as it effects how you treat yourself and how you treat others. So, here are my tips on how to practise self-love in a relationship.

Practise self-love and have some YOU time.

It is important to have your time together and time apart. Time together is always so exciting, fun, and something to look forward too. But, make sure you look forward to some me-time too. Spend time enjoying your hobbies and make sure to make them exclusive to you. Have that time to reflect and wind down. It can be very beneficial to yourself and your relationships by making your connection stronger with yourself.

Work On Yourself.

Make sure to invest in yourself, in both your hobbies and goals. Find a way to make yourself feel good and get to where you want to be. I currently have two side projects I am working on that is mine alone. Working on them gives me such joy (but I can’t spoil them yet). But, also working on my blog and connecting with you all makes my day.

Don’t Forget Your Friends.

This applies to new relationships and new friendships. Your friends were always there for you before the new relationship, celebrating your achievements, listening to your doubts, and a shoulder to cry on during hard times. So, it’s very important to not forget your friends. Take some time out to go for some coffee or lunch, drop a text and stay in contact. By not forgetting your friends you are continuing to develop your older relationships not only for your self-love but love all around.

See Yourself As They See You.

These people have come into your life because they think you’re great! You need to see yourself through their eyes. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are courageous. But, most importantly they accept your flaws. It’s time that you accept them too. They are part of you. This is the true success for self-love.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment on your self-love tips when in a relationship.

See you next week

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