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My Inspiration To Travel

Dear Friends,

From a young age I dreamed of travelling the world. I have countless lists of places I would love to visit and pictures saved onto my phone.

One of those places was to go visit the Notre-Dame in Paris. Unfortunately, as we’ve all heard and seen last night. The Notre-Dame has caught fire. Thankfully, all the precious objects within have been saved. But, by watching this unfold on the news my heart broke. For the cathedral, for Paris, and for my ignorance.


Last night opened my eyes, I had always thought, ”I’m 21 I have plenty of time to travel, I only need to save money”. That was always my excuse ‘I need to save money.’

I’d wake up and see people on my phone travelling to these places that I have dreamed of going, feeling a twinge of jealousy and brushing it off thinking ‘Never mind they probably have money.’

I have always been lucky when it came to holidays and travelling abroad. I was very lucky as my parents went on holidays every year and took me with them. But I always had a pity party when I saw other people going to these countries I have yearned to see.

But, no more. The top of my bucket list is to visit Italy. To fly into Verona, then onto Venice and finally visit Rome. But, I’ve always put it off because something else has cropped up, I never had the time, or I never had the money. So, I have said it out loud to my friends and family. I will complete this trip by Spring 2020. Either solo or with somebody joining me. If you would like to see my process of booking my first travel trip let me know.

So, I want to thank the Notre-Dame. Thank you for opening my eyes. And I know you will soon be back to your former glory soon.

As Always

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