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Is Our Relationship With Food And Alcohol Healthy?

Dear Friends,
September has been a month of change for me. Since I now live a (majority) healthy lifestyle, there are some things that have come to my attention.
While scrolling through social media I realized one major theme.
Having an unhealthy diet seems to be trendy.
I bet you’ve all seen it, statuses of people saying:
Domino’s and cookie dough ice cream, winning at life.
PARTY!!! Going to get so smashed!
If a girl orders a salad on the first date, get up and leave.
Who would choose to dine out and eat a salad, just eat a burger?
This type of attitude and trend towards an unhealthy lifestyle is terrible! Don’t get me wrong I am partial to a treat here and there and even a drink on the weekends (as you can see from the images). But, in my eyes, my health comes first. I’m not in any way being judgemental of people who do have this sort of diet. What I want to do is open your eyes.
Mainstream media have turned our perception of food and alcohol in such a negative way. How? Advertisements and influences.
I’ve seen advert after advert of muscular men with six-pack abs advertising pizza. I’ve seen girls who have incredible bodies and are in shape advertising burgers. Are these adverts supposed to make us feel like we could look like them when we eat these foods, full of fat and sugar? I highly doubt Mr Muscles achieved his body while eating 3 pizzas a day and drinking full fat cola. I see influences on Instagram sitting on their beds eating cookie dough, pizza, chips. I understand it’s advertisement and how they make a living, but it is giving these types of food some form of approval that it is okay to eat this unhealthy diet.
The worst one, reality TV. You see TV shows such as Geordie Shore, The Valleys, Made in Chelsea. They are all either drinking or getting wasted. Is this now our generation’s view of a good time? A few shots of vodka and a couple of cocktails until you can’t walk? Our relationship with alcohol has gotten so bad, did you know Alcohol is the leading cause of ambulance call-outs in the UK. And up to 37% of the ambulance service time is taken up by dealing with alcohol-related instances. So, is it really that cool to get blind drunk, honestly I don’t feel the hangovers are worth it anymore. Does this mean I’ll stop drinking altogether? No. But I won’t be out every weekend drinking for the sake of getting drunk, it will be for those occasions where I can be with my friends and have a good time. Even then I don’t really have to get wasted to have a good time. I can just enjoy a few drinks.
I hope you all take this post into consideration. As you can tell I am still finding my footing on this opinion. Let me know your opinions in the comments below if you agree, disagree, have your own view? I would love to hear!
As Always
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  1. Like this info, its not a way to get smashed every weekend but enjoy reading your posts !

    1. I’m glad you agree Mark, have a great day. Kels x

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