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How To Take Care Of Your Mindset During Self-Isolation

Dear Friends,

I hope you’re all well. While writing this I am currently on Day 13 of staying at home. I really found the shift in my mindset towards Day 8 and it felt like a cloud over my head.

So, I took the full day to sit down and work out how I was going to get myself through this marathon. As usual, I starting writing and testing different activities and it all boiled down to two questions as to why some of you might be experiencing what I like to call the ‘Isolation Blues’

Q1. What are you fuelling your body with?

During this time at home, it can be so tempting to reach for the crisps, chocolate, biscuits, pizza, cake, the list goes on and on. But, how do you feel afterwards? Do you feel satisfied? Do you want more of it? Do you feel guilty?

Constantly eating these types of foods which are very addictive can really affect both your physical and mental health. You feel guilty, bloated, and lazy. Now I’m not trying to spoil the fun, even I am partial to a bit of chocolate on a Saturday night but it’s everything in moderation.

Today I was craving pancakes for breakfast and I could have easily taken the pancake mix full of sugar from my pantry. But instead, I made some really Healthy Banana and Blueberry Pancakes. Afterwards, I felt great and had such a productive day.

Also, given the current circumstances, with only one hour of exercise allowed a day. We do not need as much fuel to keep us going as usual. Before all this, I went to work where I was walking around, went to a gym class, Zumba or went for a run after work, to then be working on my hobbies and projects when I got home. Now, I’m not doing half of that. So, think of it realistically, do you really need that much fuel?

Q2. What are you absorbing?

During this time I do not want to absorb negative or worrying information. For me, watching the news currently raises anxiety and worry. Therefore, I’ve made myself a news-free zone and once a day I check the news by scrolling quickly on my phone to keep up to date with any news. This is how I am taking control of absorbing the information.

I am also not absorbing anything that will impact my self-love progress, this means not following and social media accounts which triggers comparison. I’m also not watching anything on TV which is not either making me feel happy, excited or educated.

Lastly, I am finding new hobbies and getting to spend more time on my current hobbies. I learnt a new song on the piano, I’ve been songwriting again. I’ve started knitting a blanket (which is very calming). I’ve also been reading so much! I’ve read books which have been sitting on my bookshelf since the start of 2019.

Take the time to sit down and ask yourself those two questions. Try and pinpoint where these negative feelings and symptoms are rooted from and work on it. I also hope some of the tips have been helpful too.

Let me know in the comments below of any of your tips to help your mindset during self-isolation.

Take care, stay safe, stay smiling.

As Always

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