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How To Stick To A Daily Schedule?

Dear Friends,

Do you ever find yourself getting really organized and ready for the next day? To only lose that fire and end up in bed with a blanket watching Netflix. Or maybe you’re so behind schedule you can’t keep up. Well, here are my tips and tricks on how to stick to a daily schedule.

Be Realistic

If you read my previous post about how to live a less chaotic life. You will know how important it is to not spread your butter to thin. This comes with scheduling your day too. Don’t cram your day in so fine you barely have time to breathe. I’ve found that one big task and two little tasks work well or two big tasks only. It’s important to give yourself time to breathe. Because also life can get in the way and instead of starting work at 9am something could happen which means you may have to start at 11am which would then put your whole schedule out the window. So it’s best to give yourself some leeway.

No Technology

Technology is the greatest distraction. So, for me I place my phone on do not disturb for the duration of my task, there is also an option for some contacts to break through the do not disturb just in case of emergencies. But it stops your temptation to look at your phone. Some people just put their phone on silent but I want to hear if someone is calling me to in case of an emergency which you don’t get if your phone is silent. Also, you still get the social media notifications on your lock screen when you pick it up. That’s a huge distraction. Just place it on DND.

Take Short Breaks Instead of Long Ones

I used to take long breaks after I finished a task or even midway through. Now, the only long break I take is a 30-minute lunch. Currently, I set my timer and once the timer is done I only give myself a five-minute break to stand up, stretch, do some quick yoga, or walk around the house. This is also great if you’re having a low concentration day. On these days I place my timer on 15 minutes intervals and then give myself a 2-minute break and by chopping the worktime up that slow. It helps to keep my brain concentrated on the days when my head is in the clouds.

Try Working In Off-Peak Times

Some of the worlds leading businesswomen and businessmen, work by this rule. It’s to work in those times where nobody else is working. So this could be between 6am-8am or 6pm-8pm. They say it’s meant to help as you are less likely to be called on during this time. Now, I live with family and usually, this time is family time or everything is up and rushing around to get dressed for work at 7:30am. So maybe it’s not the best for some situations. But, maybe try it and give it a go, it is also said you’re brain is most creative first thing in the morning and last this in the evening. So, if you decide to try this, let me know how it goes.

It’s 90% determination and 10% motivation

Motivation doesn’t just rise out of nowhere. Motivation comes from action. So, most days I have to push myself to do the small paperwork which I don’t want to do. But, in the end I get the feel-good factor that I’ve compleated it and then get to move on to the creative stuff which then brings me motivation. So, some days you just got to give yourself a kick and think ‘ I know I want to sit in my blanket watching friends all day.’ But is doing that helping you grow personally, professionally, spiritually? Not really. So, put your determination pants on and get that mundane task done.

I hope some of these tips are helpful. Let me know in the comments which one you think you’re going to try out.

As Always

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