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How To Practise Forgiveness

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining me here again and I hope you all had a blessed new moon. If you would like to follow along with my updates on the moon phases, make sure to follow my Instagram account @misskelseyday.

Today I want to talk about forgiveness but more importantly how to practise forgiveness. This may seem like such a simple concept but in all honestly, it can be quite difficult. This is something I’ve been working on the past week. Both forgiving myself and past grudges. It’s taken a lot of practice, patience and self-will but I have found aspect about myself I never knew I had before. So, here are my tips on how to practice forgiveness.

Don’t hold on.

You might think, Kels this is easier said than done. I completely agree. If it was that easy to let go, everyone would be mastering forgiveness left, right, and centre. But, the first thing I did was let go of ties of what I was trying to forgive. These ties can be letting that person go from your life, getting rid of objects which tie you to the feeling or person. Some I didn’t actually have ties to anymore, so I wrote it all down on a piece of paper, set it alight in a heatproof container (I chose a saucepan) Another way is to shred it up or cut it up with scissors.

Pick a connection.

With forgiveness comes bringing up the reason you were hurt. Therefore I like to anchor this connection with something. For me, music is a big part of my life so I wrote a list of everything I wanted to forgive from the way I’ve treated myself to things done by others. With this, I meditated to a specific piece of music I resonated with and in my meditation, I pictured myself at a beach (it’s my happy spot as I’m a water sign and live so close to the beach). In which I pictured throwing all these hardships one by one into the sea and letting them drift away with the sea’s current. Finally letting them free with repeating the words ‘I forgive you and I free myself’. It was a surreal experience. In which I pictured myself sitting at the shore staring out at the distance signifying the unknown that is to come and the hope for a better future. I made sure to do this a few times over the week. Obviously, the hurt of the wrongdoing won’t disappear straight away but after doing it a few time I found I got over and forgave others faster. Slowly, they dropped off my list. I now only have 2 left out of 10.

Some other methods.

I know not everyone would prefer to use meditation in this time or music so I have outlined other ways you can interpret this method.



Talk to someone


Write about your growth since the incident

Forgiveness is a journey not a destination. Take your time on this journey it wont happen overnight.

Let me know in the comments which method works for you best!

Take care, and stay safe

As Always

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