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How To Organize Your Life – Hints and Tips

Dear Friends,

I’m not sure if I’m the only one. But, with lockdown progressing I’m getting more and more anxious about returning back to my normal life. I’m not going to lie, regular life Kelsey was a machine. I had a solid morning routine, worked 9-5, after work I would workout, and at the end of the day, I would either work towards my goals or have some me time and family time.

I was a machine!

During the lockdown, the pace of life has slowed. So have my strict routines and organized life. So, over the past week or so I’ve been putting everything in place to get myself organized for the end of this month and the whole of June. Once Monday turns around I’m not going to be looking at the month like a dear in headlights. I’ll feel prepared and ready to take on the month ahead.

Get A Schedule and Organizational System

This is not an easy feat. I have been through so many systems I’ve lost count. But through trial and error, I have found my perfect system. This doesn’t just require one planner or app. I use three different methods. Here are the three I use.

White Board: My Brainstorm Baby! This is where I write all my creative ideas and inspirations. I use the right side as a mood board and the left side to brainstorm all my ideas. Once I’ve finished my brainstorm session ( or brainstorm days, it can take longer at times) I then organise all my ideas by date order of when those posts, pictures, and videos will be posted. It’s a great reminder to glance up at when I need reminding what’s coming up.

Bullet Journal: At the start, I wasn’t a big fan of Bullet Journals. I liked more structure. But I could never find a planner which had everything I wanted in it. So, I decided to get creative. Now, I cannot imagine being without my Bullet Journal. It tracks my habits, books I’m reading, holds all my memories, and also plans my week. I highly recommend you check out videos on YouTube of how to set up a Bullet Journal and different types of spreads.

Google Calendar: This is where I get into the real detail of my days. This is where I break my life down hour by hour. From the hour I wake up to the hour my head hits the pillow. I find it comforting that I can look on my phone and it shows me what I am doing that day planned out perfectly. Just a disclaimer. I find this method can be difficult if you’re really hard on yourself if you don’t stick to schedules (I used to be like that until I adapted a more calm mindset). Also, give yourself realistic time frames don’t give yourself 8am-9am to do a workout. When in reality you do a 45-minute workout and need to be at your desk at 9am. It isn’t going to work. So It’s important to be realistic.

Tackle all your Finances.

I like to do this in my bullet journal but you can do this in any format you like, be it an actual financial planner, excel, or google sheets. Firstly I work out how much my monthly bills and necessities are and also how much money I’m putting aside into savings. Anything else is money for you to spend for the month. Also by working through your bank statements be it the ones you get via post or if you use an online banking app. You can also see if you’re paying any monthly subscriptions for something you are no longer using or not using as frequently and cancel it. Really cracking down on your monthly bills.

Then I like to create a little table. At the end of each day, I like to write down what I’ve spent that day. It looks something a bit like:

Date: Where? What? Price?

27.05.20 ASOS Blouse £20.99

28.05.20 Wilko Soil £5.99

You get the grasp of it. Then at the end of each week, I analyze my spending patterns and see what can be improved. This has stopped me spending £30 a week on lunches at work! Yes, £30 a week, £120 a month, £1,440 a year (If I never take a week or day off work). How crazy is that! Now I only spend £5 a week, £20 a month, £240 a year. What a difference!

Set Alarms and Reminders

This is probably a given but is such a huge part of my life. I set alarms to remind myself of one-off things I’m doing that day such as scan my Mac for viruses or clean my makeup brushes. But, I also set alarms to remind myself to post on Instagram Stories throughout the day, I have an alarm to remind myself to drink a glass of water twice a day.

Timers are also great! I use my timers for work, I like to set it for 60 minutes and put my head down into work. I set a timer for when I read so I don’t stay up reading until 2am! But, it can also be used as a motivator! I set a 15-minute timer to tidy my room every night and put everything back in its place and set myself ready for bed.

Let me know in the comments which of these tips you’re going to be implimenting into your daily life!

Stay Happy and Stay Safe

As Always

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