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How To Declutter Your Mind

Dear Friends,

Recently during such high emotional times, you can feel like your brain is just swarming with thoughts, ideas, things to remember. So, today I am excited to share with you my tips on how to declutter your mind to restore peace and a level head. Let’s get into it.

Priority List.

Now I have two different types of priority lists. One is almost like a to-do list of all the things I know I need to get done. Then I place them in order of which one needs to be done the first and the highest priority. Then I work my way down the list. This not only helps your brain to place all this worry and stress down in one place, but it’s also a great place to refer back too.

My second list is quite a personal one and that is my Life Priority List. This compromises of a list of everything in my life which I hold a priority and that’s important to me. My list looks something a bit like this:


Friends/ Other Half

My Wellbeing



You’re probably wondering ‘Kels, what’s the point of this?’ to some it may be common sense what your priorities are in life. But, I just like to have mine written down. So for example,

I have plans to do some painting in the afternoon and my parents ask if I could pop to the supermarket to get some essentials. This may be common sense but obviously I’m going to get the essentials.

Or if I have a family video call in the evening and my friends want to call at the same time. You know your priorities.

But this is just a draft to go by if you’re in the middle of working at 4pm and your friends ask if you want to go for a drink. You obviously can’t get up from your desk and tell your boss your off to the pub because your friends invited you. It’s give and take.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

You always see in the media successful people multi-tasking on different projects while sipping a coffee and on a phone call. Trust me, it doesn’t happen in real life. You aren’t giving the task 100% of your ability and can cause you to forget something and make mistakes. So, multi-tasking can heighten your cluttered mind. Best stick to one task at a time.

Dont be Indecisive

Indecisiveness can actually cause more mental clutter. By going over and over your options in your head it can cause stress and anxiety. If you really can’t just decide off the bat, I’ve started flipping a coin and you will know your decision by how you feel about that choice. It a great exercise to do, it really shows you what you actually really want.


Sleep is so important over-all for our health. It’s such a great reset button for your mind and body. So making sure you’re getting a good nights rest is super important for your mental wellbeing and stress along with giving your body time to rest. Make sure to check out my post on my tips on how to get a good nights rest.

I hope these tips helped and let me know in the comments which of these tips you’re thinking of implementing.

As Always

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