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How Reading Can Help Your Creativity

Dear Friends,
Reading is one of the biggest pleasures I have in my life. In a matter of seconds, I can be transported anywhere in the world, from a tropical beach to a crime scene. As my younger cousin once put it ‘ It’s like TV in your head’. Of course, everyone has certain genres they enjoy the most, mine include:

  1. Murder mystery/ Crime fiction
  2. Fantasy
  3. Tudor History (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
  4. Historical Romance

By reading these book genres they have helped me with all my writing projects. Inspiration from all the books I’ve read has helped me to:

  1. Currently, write my Tudor era fiction novel (It’s a bit fantasy mixed with historical romance) you can read parts of it here.
  2. Write my play ‘The Candle To My Light’ which is still in the editing process.

Here’s how you can use the books you read as creative inspiration, be it art, writing, and many other forms.

The Themes

Of course, every book has a genre, but inside every book is different themes. Be it Capitalism, Love, Religion, Family, Justice, just to name a few. From these themes you could:
Base a painting upon it as a message.
Write a blog-post related to that topic, start a series, give your opinion.
Write a song based on your views or how those themes have affected you.
Write a play about how these themes relate to modern society.
The list goes on. A theme is a bit like the main point as you start a spider diagram and from that point, you can branch off. Just like you’ve seen in the picture above.

Character Attributes

These attributes could be great to portray emotion within your creative work, help build your own characters, help develop your own character as an actor. These attributes include (but aren’t limited too) Loyalty, Peacefulness, Optimism, Devotion, Rudeness, Greed, Selfishness, Ambitiousness, Talkative, Shy, Courageous, Wit, they can be used in a number of useful ways such as:
Choose a colour that portrays that attribute to you when you paint (for example I would go with purple tones for Charisma).
The obvious, it helps towards creating your own characters for a novel or play.
Can be a mood of a song, can be a selfish song, peaceful song, courageous.
Attributes can be a great way to channel mood, emotion and objecting during your creative process, it can help you channel into your art.

Visual Descriptions

These help me a lot, especially with my own writing. Of course, I don’t steal someone else’s visual description. I analyze the depth of the description, it can be a room, emotion, tension etc. If the author is describing a room and I can picture the room to the last stroke of paint. I know that’s a good description. This kind of visual description can help towards:
Aiming for that level of description in your own writing, the trick is to read it over and ask yourself can you picture that visual aspect to the last tiny detail.
It can inspire you to write a blog-post about a similar place you have been or similar feeling you had in relation to that visual attribute.
You can use it as an inspiration of description within a song to portray a mood.
These descriptions are exactly what my younger cousin once said ‘It’s like TV in your head’. These descriptions can spark instant creative inspirations.


I hope you all enjoyed this blog-post and it inspires you to read and take more notice of how the books you read feed your creativity. I am also thinking of doing a post on how music can help your creativity. Let me know in the comments down below.
As Always
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