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Crystal Clear Ep.2 – Root Chakra

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited for this weeks episode on Chakras and more specifically the root chakra. I have a great free information sheet and worksheet for you below for you to add to your Crystal Clear folders. If you missed out on Episode One where we spoke about Lattice Patterns you can find it here. Where you can download your free information sheet and worksheet.

What are Chakras?

They are the main energy centres of the body. Within the 7 chakras energies can run through them freely and in harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

The 7 Chakras Are:

  1. Root – Based at the base fo your spine where your tailbone is.
  2. Sacral – Lower Abdomen
  3. Solar Plexus – Upper Abdomen
  4. Heart – Centre of your chest just above your heart
  5. Throat – Based at the middle of your throat
  6. Third Eye – On your brow bone in-between your eyes.
  7. Crown – Top of our head.

Today we will be talking specifically about our root chakra.

This energy is based on the earth element and glows red. It’s at the base of the Chakra system and creates a great foundation. Think of it as the soil to build a house, you need the foundation. This chakra is associated with feelings of safety and grounding.

The key characteristics of your root chakra is:

  • Safety
  • Basic needs such as food, water, and shelter.
  • Keeps you centred
  • Your survival mode, fight, flight or freeze
  • Primal Animal Nature
  • Your Ancestors (your actual roots)

In the information sheet below you will find your free introduction sheet to Chakras and find our how to identify a blockage or imbalance in your root chakra and how to cleanse and re-balance it. Along with a fun worksheet.

I hope you’re all keeping well in this time and let me know of any other topics you would like me to cover.

Stay safe, see you soon

As Always

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