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Crystal Clear Ep.1 – Lattice Patterns

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining me for our first episode of Crystal Clear! Also, remember this series is also on IGTV for you all to tune in.

In this series, I will also be giving you all a PDF for you to start your own Crystal Clear folder for information and worksheets! Super Exciting! Today will be an information sheet and worksheet for Lattice Patters and also a cover photo for the front of your file!

Now, Lattice Patterns. I was thinking of speaking about one crystal a week but thought as I speak of things such a Lattice Patterns and Chakras you will have something to reference back too. So I thought these information episodes would be great input!

Now, crystals are natural elements which come from the Earth. A true crystal has a specific grouping of cells which forms their unique lattice pattern which is called a Crystal System. Within these, there are six lattice patterns what appear with healing crystals.

1. Hexagonal

These crystals have an interior structure which resembles a 3D Hexagon, these crystals help us to seek out what we most desire and help us to manifest what we currently do not possess. They help to guide you along the way on the right path. These crystals are great if you’re a new beginner or about to start a new journey or path in life in which they help to build confidence and self-esteem.

One example of a Hexagonal Crystal is the ultimate staple ‘ Clear Quartz’

2. Isometric

An Isometric Crystal has a cubic structure. I like to think of these crystals as builders. With a cubic structure like the ones, you use to build a house they help to improve situations and help to build upon current situations and events. These crystals can also be used to add structure and harmony while also helping to amplify.

A Beautiful Type of Isometric Crystal is Fluorite which comes in a variety of beautiful colours.

3. Monoclinic

These crystals have a 3D Parallelogram structure. They are amazing protection crystals. They can be used to guard and protect yourself, your family, your home, or also on a spiritual level. These crystals help to guide us along difficult paths to stop us from acting out in a way which is unlike ourselves.

Amazonite is a great Monoclinic Crystal with beautiful blue and green tones it looks just like the sea. Strong but also calm.

4. Orthorhombic

Orthorhombic Crystals have a diamond shape crystalline pattern. These crystals are great in times of build-up when you wish to remove any negative energies. It also helps to relieve any blockages in both your physical and spiritual being. These diamond shapes act as a filter. Filtering out and cleansing all negativity while leaving you with a sense of balance.

Danburite is a great Orthorhombic Crystal! It can be clear, grey or have a tinge of green.

5. Tetragonal

Tetragonal Crystals have a rectangle interior structure. Tetragonal crystals are like magnets, they attract things you like and need and make things you are in need of in your life more attractive to you. Almost like a nudge on the right path. Helping us to lure whatever we wish to manifest. These crystals work well with Hexagonal Crystals as they help you on the right path while Tetragonal is like a metal detector and helps to guide you to the right things when nearby.

Zircon is a great Tetragonal Crystal and pairs great with Clear Quartz! Zircons come in both blue and yellow tones.

6. Triclinic

A Triclinic crystal has an interior of three inclined axes. These crystals are great to ward off any unwanted energies! It helps to protect against whichever you wish to keep away. An example of how Triclinic Crystals have been used to protect us from harm can be found in Native American History. Turquoise has a Triclinic Lattice Pattern and has been used as a protective amulet for centuries. If someone was to wear a Turquoise ring and notice a crack in it, some Native American traditions would say that the Turquoise protected the person wearing the ring from the attack they would have received had the Turquoise not taken the hit for them!

As said Turquoise is a great Triclinic Crystal but I love Blue Kyanite! I have a piece which is a flat surface and use I also as a form of anxiety stone.

Below you can find two PDF documents which are a cover for your Crystal Clear file and also a printable information sheet on everything we spoke about today along with a small workbook.

Let me know in the comments which Lattice Pattern you feel most drawn too.

See you soon

As Always

Information Gathered by

Soul Sisters Designs

Crystals for Beginners by Karen Frazier ISBN 978-1-62315-991-7

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