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How Reading Can Help Your Creativity

Dear Friends, Reading is one of the biggest pleasures I have in my life. In a matter of seconds, I can be transported anywhere in the world, from a tropical beach to a crime scene. As my younger cousin once put it ‘ It’s like TV in your head’. Of course, everyone has certain genres …

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Is Our Relationship With Food And Alcohol Healthy?

Dear Friends, September has been a month of change for me. Since I now live a (majority) healthy lifestyle, there are some things that have come to my attention. While scrolling through social media I realized one major theme. Having an unhealthy diet seems to be trendy. I bet you’ve all seen it, statuses of …

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What It’s Really Like Being A Tall Woman

Dear Friends, Ever since I starting my weight-loss journey I have been looking on Pinterest and Instagram for body-type inspirations to motivate me daily. But, while thinking about it rationally these women were between 5ft3 and 5ft7 and their body-type were completely different to my 6ft frame. This then got me thinking. Being tall has …