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5 Different Types Of Self-Care To Focus On

Dear Friends,

I hope you’ve had a great week.

My goal within this blog is to help you become more self-aware and grow on this journey we call life. Within this comes caring for ourselves within all aspects of our lives. So, in this post, I will be sharing the five different areas of your life that you can practise self-care. Of course, there are more than five aspects of your life in which you can practise self-care. But, these are the fundamental five core aspects which you can focus on.

Physical Self-Care

This seems to be the one which is most practised. But, is also more than just applying a face mask. This is also about looking after your overall health. This means eating healthy, exercising, going for your regular doctor check-ups. And generally looking after your overall health.

Of course, treat yourself to a facemask, body scrub, and take care of yourself on the outside. But, also focus on how you can take care of yourself on the inside. Make sure you are having your daily intake of water, moving your body, eating nutritious food. Something you might not know about me is the start of 2020 I gave up smoking after five years. I did it for my health and to give my body the best chance it deserves. It isn’t easy but I’m glad to say I did it and I am already thanking myself for taking that step. I honestly urge you if you are a smoker to take the steps towards quitting. Below I have linked websites which helped me and can hopefully help you too.

NHS Tips


App: Stop Smoking, QuitNow!

Emotional Self-Care

This might seem simple on paper but needs practise. You NEED to accept your emotions. If you’re feeling positive emotions then enjoy and relish in the feel-good emotion. But, if you’re having a negative emotional day then don’t nag at yourself to cheer up. Accept you’re feeling a negative emotion, FOR NOW. Always use the term ‘For Now’ after you accept your negative emotion. As you are making yourself aware this isn’t going to last forever.

Spiritual Self-Care

This is all about your connection with The Universe, God, Devine, Nature. It’s all about the connection between you and your spirituality. The term spirituality has different meanings to different people. You could associate spirituality with religion and traditions and your practice is reading scripture and religious text and attending religious ceremonies. Maybe it’s also a deeper connection with our higher self or our true self. Overall, this is all about connecting to our core beliefs, values, and true desires. Think of it as a flower, you’re stripping away all the colourful flowers, glossy leaves and strong stems and you’re taking yourself back to the root. To the fundamental building blocks which makes you, you.

Professional Self-Care

It’s important to create a safe and positive space in your workplace or school. But, also taking care of yourself to create this balance between career and care. This can include having a conversation with your colleagues or peers before you start your day, taking needed breaks from the workplace to clear your head from the fog. Creating a clean and functional working space. As you know I’m a big believer that a clear space promotes a clear mind. By having this balanced and positive professional relationship with yourself. You can reduce stress, work fatigue, and also work anxiety and dread.

Social Self-Care

Have you heard of the terms ‘Introvert’ and ‘Exrtovert’?

An introvert is usually a quiet and reserved individual who enjoys their own company and aren’t fond of social gatherings and events and dislike being the centre of attention. Introverts focus inward on their own world.

An Extrovert is a person who is outgoing, loves engaging in social situations and thrives in social events. The opposite to an introvert an extrovert focuses their energy outwards to the world.

Now, you can decide which of these you are. It went around the internet for a while as to which one you were most suited. But, I found I never fitted directly into either. That’s when I found out I’m an Introverted Extrovert! You’re probably thinking, what?!

Well, as an Introverted Extrovert, I love my own company at home and I love being in my own little world at home and can easily spend days in my own company. But, I also love socialising! I thrive in social situations and love talking to people. So, in my normal day to day life, I would say I’m an introvert but I also love to mingle and socialise and thrive in the environment.

There is also such thing as an Extroverted Introvert. In which you thrive socially when in you’re own home. This could be with the people you live with or over text, phone, video-calls, or social media. But, in social events you are happy staying quiet, listening and blending in, turning into an introvert during social situations.

You’re probably thinking, Kels…why are you talking about this when it comes to Social Self-Care. Well, it’s important to realise which of these you are. You might fit into simply just an introvert or an extrovert or you can be like me and be a mix. Once, you’ve figured out which one you are, you can then care for the Social aspect of your life.

This is investing and growing your relationship with friends, family, colleagues, and romantic relationships. By acknowledging which type of social personality you are you can then pinpoint the ways you can grow and invest in your relationships.

For Example:

When you’re an introvert you might be more comfortable catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee at your house.

If you’re an extrovert you might be more comfortable catching up with a friend over lunch, shopping and drinks at a bar.

As an Introverted Extrovert you might enjoy catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee and a cake in a cafe.

But, if you’re an Extroverted Introvert you might prefer a catch up with a friend over a phone call or video call.

Each of these is a great way to grow and invest in a relationship in a comfortable manner to your social personality type. So, it’s about finding a way to invest in a way you are comfortable and also finding out which type of social personality type the other person is to make sure they’re comfortable too.

So, which one of these five aspects do you feel you need to work more on? Or which ones are you focusing on strengthening this month?

For me, I’m taking a big focus on my physical self-care for the month of June and tracking to see how it can affect my emotional health. Make sure to check out my next blog-post going live on Wednesday which I will be delving deeper into how you can practise Self-Care for your emotions.

Stay Safe and Happy

As Always

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